Manuals- CHP DUI Manual

The California CHP DUI Enforcement Manual is the manual that all California Highway Patrol officers must follow in conducting a DUI investigation. The California CHP DUI Manual covers the initial stop and grounds for a stop, the initial observation of the suspect, how to question a suspect, how to conduct field sobriety tests, how to conduct a DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) investigation, and much more.

If a CHP officer does not adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by his own department, then you can conduct a powerful cross-examination of him at trial or in a hearing.  You can even use it to get evidence thrown out of court, negotiate a deal or get the case dismissed prior to trial.  I end up using this in every trial or hearing involving a CHP officer.

Be warned!  This is a large file.  If you don’t have much bandwith, call us.  We will send you a copy.