DUI Resources and Links

Links and Resources 

The following DUI Resources page is still under construction, so please be patient with us.

  • Change of Address Form Whenever you are dealing with the DMV always make sure your address is current.  You will probably be getting notices with deadlines attached to them.
  • Driver Medical Evaluation DS 326– If your license is suspended for medical reasons such as diabetes, seizures or epilepsy, you will need to have a specialist complete one of these forms.  Pay attention to the doctors answers to the three boxes at the bottom of page 2.
  • Information for Subpoena for DMV Hearings– This DMV website tells you how to serve a subpoena for a DMV hearing and where to find the forms.  Read before attempting to subpoena an officer or other person to your hearing.
  • DMV Subpoena Forms–  Use this interactive website to prepare DMV forms or just print out a blank one and fill it in.  Always type a subpoena or prepare it on-line.  These forms are in .pdf format.
  • DMV Record Information–  This link provides you with all of the departments of the DMV that manage your record.  Also has useful information on privacy rights.  If you have trouble navigating this page, then just call the Mandatory Actions Unit.  The Mandatory Action Unit is the unit that actually suspends your license.  They will be able to give you pretty reliable information (for the DMV) on the status of your license.  Always call in the morning hours unless you don’t mind spending time on the phone.  Their phone number is (916) 657-6525.
  • District Attorney DUI Manual–  This prosecutor manual is a fascinating “must-read” for any DUI attorney.  Written by and for district attorneys, it tells them how to prosecute DUI cases, interrogate witnesses and try cases.  The District Attorney’s Manual includes word-for-word questions that the DA can use in interrogating police officers, expert witnesses and defendants.  Some of the parts of this manual are dated.  The manual focuses on the Intoximeter 5000 which, will still in use is the oldest machine in play.  The manual also is not up to date on partition ratio.  Notwithstanding the date, the vast majority of this text is current and still in use. This is a large file, so be patient when downloading.